Welcome to the "Baby" page- oh so very cute! 

Here you will find some examples of my work, my baby and toddler images are natural images, capturing baby when baby is relaxed and happy with their family. Baby is not put into poses, wrapped or otherwise, these images are purely capturing baby as they are, whether it is sleeping, feeding, smiling.... the list is endless!


How long does a session last?


Just like my family shoots, they will last no longer than an hour. There is only so long baby can stand a lady with a camera and it can be very tiring!



Images include up to 20 images, sent to you digitally and you can also ask for a personalised wooden box to keep them safe


What if baby is not in the best mood on the day?


This is always a parents fear, please do not worry! If baby is unwell or just generally unsettled, you can always re-arrange the appointment without any extra fees!


What do I need to bring?


A changing bag always comes in handy; wipes, nappies, change of clothes.. all the usual! It means you are prepared and baby is comfortable.


Prices and booking


You will find prices included on the "Prices" page. I f you are interested in booking, please get in contact with me via my website or Facebook and I can help you with any queries you may have and arrange a booking with a small deposit.